Peace and War - a fusion series of vintage 1950’s radio stories and soap operas, from the golden era of radio mixed with hip hop instrumentals. 

This is volume one of this series entitled “The Scientific Touch” the story of a former FBI Agent (Doc Daniels) who is down on his luck, then resorts to selling lab secrets to a local crime family headed by boss (Vince Conners). Listen as this story unfolds backed by hip hop instrumentals and feel free to download…

Released 17 August 2010

This is the second installment of the "Peace & War" series by Mello Mel of Pain-N-Fame titled "The Fence." The of Raymond Spenz a sly jewel thief who has aspirations of making away with top dollar and a fine lady by the name of Sheila Blair. However Sheila works for the fencer and reputed crime boss Anthony Cataina who can provide Spenz with top dollar. Listen as conflict erupts between Spenz and Cataina in this trilling crime drama from 50's radio mixed with Pain-N-Fame beats. 

[It is advised to listen to this in a dimly lit room with headphones and volume at medium to low, to enhance the effect of this theater of the mind experiment]

Released 10 May 2011